Private, one hour sessions are individualized to the client’s needs and goals.

Each session is $85. Contact Wendy directly at: 408-666-5403 by text or voice, or at wdahearn@comcast.net for scheduling or more information.

Wendy Ahearn is a former professional ballet dancer with a B.S. in Kinesiology. She is a certified orthopedic Pilates practitioner specializing in cross-training for dancers and athletes as well as helping those with age- and/or injury-related orthopedic conditions.


Pilates focuses on stabilization of the spine and pelvis, strengthening of the deep core musculature, and full range of motion at the joints. With the use of specialized equipment and the promotion of an awareness of the body’s ability to move with muscular efficiency, balance, and control, Pilates is an excellent cross-training discipline for dancers and other athletes as well as an effective exercise regimen for anyone seeking strength, balance, flexibility and pain- free movement.


Strengthening deep core musculature

Finding and correcting muscular imbalances

Strengthening weak or injured musculature

Correcting inefficient or improper biomechanics

Stabilizing and mobilizing joints

Decreasing pain from injury or orthopedic conditions

Improving flexibility

Improving balance